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            Wayfindng With Horses Inc.


Wayfinding With Horses is a coaching process designed to help you achieve personal growth and self-confidence.  Trained in the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method, Qigong, Reikei,  A Hero’ Journey, and Equusology Barbara will guide and support your choice to explore, discover  and connect to the possible.  

When I am with horses, I find that my mind opens, I am inspired by what surrounds me and I become open to possibilities. God, Allah, Spirit and the Universe speak to me and ask me to remember why I am here.  I believe with the guidance of horses, nature and spirit you too can rediscover  your inner wisdom,  restore your self-esteem and find peace Tension, stress, fear or change profoundly impacts our lives but how you choose to respond or react creates your way or path.

Horses touch our hearts, ground us and see us as we really are. They show us how to feel, be not afraid while heightening our senses and awareness. Their sentient being resonates a calming vibration that aligns with our heart. Their nonjudgmental eye looks deep within us.  They  free our spirit.


Why choose a coach?
The Equine Gestalt Coaching Method (EGCM®) is an experiential process where with the aid of a coach and horse, you will safely and confidentially uncover your potential. EGCM encourages you to explore and be yourself in a safe, non-judging environment. Coach Barbara listens and works with your strengths as she encourages your personal growth and beingness. Coaching is the link between sharing confidences with friend ( not always a good idea) or therapist (need for professional counceling). 
TAKE the first step towards manifesting your own unique abilites and well being.
Signup, Call or Text  Barbara (352-804-4224) for a EGCM® coaching session  at Wayfinding Farm or your choice of location. Offering one-one phone, personal and family and intact buisness EGCM® coaching and Pathways to Partnership. Barbara also works with horses and their caregivers through , Pathways to Partnership  (see below) and offers private lessons, camps, events and re-treats.

FREE 30 min. Coaching Call


EGCM® Coaching 

It can be easy to forget who we are and what we love about ourselves.  Because the horse lives in the present, does not dwell in the past not judges others, their inner compass or wisdom is readily available.  Your truth is your inner compass. The horses with the aid of a coach will assist you as you re-discover your own truth. Barbara will guide you as you come into the company of her gifted and amazing  herd of horses.The horses see you as you are,  so come and celebrate your uniqueness,  honor your truth and be yourself.   Join Barbara, and her beautiful equine partners at Wayfinding Farm and find your way back to the very best part of yourself.

Do you turn to a friend, spouse, the internet, electronic devices, talk radio or mind numbing medications for help or advice? Like a bandaid they coverup the problem, but offer no long term solution. Discover how life’s tricky obstacles become easier to navigate when you learn to trust and follow your inner compass. Move forward, open the gate and step into your truth. The horses and I are holding a space for you where you can explore, discover and connect to the possible.

NO HORSE EXPERIENCE REQUIRED. Call Barbara at 804-4224 for appointment.

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Pathways to Partnership

For You and Your Horse. On-line, in the saddle or at liberty gain a deeper connection and better understanding of each other. “Believe in your horse so your horse can believe in you” Ray Hunt.  What does your horse say about you?  Does your horse’s feel safe, connected, respected and understood? Be the leader your horse is looking for. Step confidently forward. Breath. Be the best, authentic human for your horse. Call Barbara at 352-804-4224. 

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Jan. 24 and 31, 2017  –VISION CIRCLE 2017 – 


April 7, 8 & 9, EQUUSOLOGY -You and Your Horse, Auditors Welcome. 

1st Thursday of Each Month – Wise and Wonderful Women -6:30 – 8:00, WAYFINDNG FARM.

Monday -2:00 pm – Level 1 Qigong –  5:00 Monday at Wayfinding Farm, 5:00 Wednesday at Church of the Mediator, Micanopy, Fl. Qigong is a simple, meditative healing energy practice.

Pathway to PartnershipFocusing on communication, understanding and connection, on and off line and in the saddle. click here for info about lessons.


 WWH offers camps, workshops and private sessions to individuals, families, groups and instructors at a location of your choice . Contact wayfindingwithhorses@gmail.com; call or text Barbara at 352-804-4224 for more information.

No Horse Experience Needed. No Horseback Riding.

Testimonial – ” I wanted you to know about some of the shifts in awareness that I have noted due to your coaching…  I am being more mindful of the support that is coming in and being conscious of those who are offering support.  It is coming from unexpected places and I am able to receive.